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Should you wear a helmet when flying?

Updated: May 9

To wear or not to wear a helicopter helmet?

There is a growing debate in the aviation community on whether or not helicopter pilots should be required to wear helmets. Some argue that helmets provide essential protection in case of an accident, while others believe they can interfere with the pilot's ability to fly safely.

We've looked at both sides of the debate and this is what we found out.

Debate for wearing a helmet when flying helicopters:

Wearing a helmet while flying a helicopter is an essential safety measure that pilots should take.

The following are the reasons why pilots should wear a helmet:

✔️Protection from head injuries: In case of an accident, a helmet can save the pilot's life. Helicopter crashes are not uncommon, and head injuries are one of the leading causes of fatalities. Wearing a helmet reduces the risk of severe head injuries, which can result in permanent brain damage or death.

✔️Protection from flying debris: When flying a helicopter, debris such as rocks, branches, or other objects can fly into the cockpit and hit the pilot's head. A helmet can protect the pilot from such debris and prevent head injuries.

✔️Noise protection: Helicopters generate a lot of noise, which can be harmful to the pilot's hearing. A helmet can provide noise protection, reducing the risk of hearing damage.

✔️Comfort: Helmets are designed to fit comfortably, reducing the risk of neck and back strain caused by the weight of the headset and other equipment.