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Why you should be part of a helicopter pilot network!

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Why is it so important for a helicopter pilot to establish a good network?

Networking and building professional relationships are critical components of building a successful helicopter pilot career. The helicopter industry is a small community, and having a strong network can help you stay informed about job opportunities, gain insight into the industry, and access resources that can help you advance your career. Building professional relationships can also lead to mentorship opportunities, which can be invaluable in helping you navigate the industry and achieve your goals.

Networking can help pilots stay informed about job openings and provide a competitive edge over others who may not have access to the same information. In fact, many job opportunities in the aviation industry are not advertised publicly and are filled through word of mouth or personal referrals.

A strong network of contacts can help pilots stand out in the job market and improve their chances of securing a position. According to a study by Boeing, the aviation industry is expected to require around 790,000 pilots over the next 20 years, creating a significant demand for new pilots.

Additionally, networking can provide mentorship and guidance from experienced pilots, which can be invaluable in advancing a pilot's career.

Joining professional organizations and associations can also provide access to industry events and conferences, which can offer networking opportunities, as well as training and professional development opportunities.

Establishing a network is crucial for a pilot, not only for job opportunities but also for mentorship, guidance, and professional development. In the current aviation industry, where the demand for pilots is high, networking can provide a competitive advantage in securing a position.

Where do you find a network that works for you?

  • Ask your colleagues if they belong to any network or pilot community

  • Look online at platforms like Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and Reddit.

  • Join a professional organization like Helicopter Association International (HAI).

  • Attend industry events like HAI

  • Join Helicopter Safe, we are a new and exciting helicopter pilot community.

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