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Safety Management System Implementation Plan for Aviation

Updated: May 23, 2023

The first step, when introducing a Safety Management System (SMS) into an organization, is to develop an implementation plan.

This will be a realistic strategy for the implementation of SMS that meets the needs of the organization and defines the approach taken for managing safety.

The contents of the plan should include:

  1. Safety policy

  2. Safety planning objectives and goals

  3. System description

  4. Gap analysis

  5. SMS components;

  6. Safety roles and responsibilities

  7. Safety reporting policy

  8. Means of employee involvement

  9. Safety communication

  10. Safety performance measurement

  11. Management review of safety performance

  12. Safety training

Small Organisations

For a small organization a simplified SMS implementation plan should be developed that includes:

  1. The organization’s approach to managing safety in a manner that meets its safety needs

  2. Coordination with the SMS of other organizations with which it interfaces during the provision of services

  3. Endorsement by senior management and communication throughout the organization.

For more information on how to implement a SMS in your organisation, join our FREE online SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (SMS) IMPLEMENTATON course.

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