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How to Make Your Helicopter Pilot Resume ATS Friendly

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are software programs that scan resumes for keywords that are relevant to the job opening. If your resume does not contain enough of the right keywords, it may not be passed on to a human recruiter.

Here are some things you can do to make your helicopter pilot resume ATS friendly:

  • Use keywords throughout your resume that are relevant to the job you are applying for. You can find these keywords by reading the job description carefully.

  • Quantify your experience and skills whenever possible. This will help the ATS understand the value you can bring to the company.

  • Use strong action verbs to describe your skills and experience. This will make your resume more powerful and persuasive.

  • Use a clear and concise font and format. The ATS will scan your resume for keywords, so it is important that your resume is easy to read and understand.

  • Avoid using headers, columns, tables, and graphics. These features can make it difficult for the ATS to scan your resume.

  • Use a standard resume format. There are many different resume formats available, but it is important to use a format that is commonly used by ATS.

  • Proofread your resume carefully before submitting it. Typos and grammatical errors will make you look unprofessional.

  • Use a resume builder tool. There are many resume builder tools available that can help you create a resume that is ATS friendly.

  • Get feedback from others. Ask a friend, family member, or career counselor to review your resume and give you feedback.

  • Test your resume. There are many websites that allow you to test your resume to see how it will be scanned by an ATS.

By following these tips, you can make your helicopter pilot resume ATS friendly and increase your chances of getting the job you want.

Here are some specific examples of keywords that you can use in your helicopter pilot resume:

  • Helicopter pilot

  • FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate

  • FAA Instrument Rating

  • FAA Helicopter Instructor Certificate

  • Helicopter operations

  • Aviation safety regulations

  • Communication skills

  • Teamwork skills

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Leadership skills

  • Safety record

By using these keywords throughout your resume, you will increase your chances of being selected for an interview.

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